Hatashita International has been a leading supplier of tatami mats for big tournaments such as the Toronto PanAm Games and Canada Winter Games. The company has been in the business of supplying high-quality tatami mats for over 50 years and has a reputation for providing the best quality products to its customers.

The tatami mats supplied by Hatashita International are made of the highest quality materials and are designed to withstand the rigors of intense competition. The mats are made of a durable and long-lasting material that can withstand heavy use and provide a safe and comfortable surface for athletes to compete on.

In addition to the Toronto PanAm Games and Canada Winter Games, Hatashita International has also supplied tatami mats for other major tournaments.

One of the key reasons why Hatashita International is a preferred supplier for these major tournaments is their commitment to providing excellent customer service. The company’s customer service team is dedicated to ensuring that all of their customers are completely satisfied with their products and services. They are always available to answer any questions and to provide support whenever needed.

Furthermore, Hatashita International is also a very environmentally conscious company. They make sure that the tatami mats they supply are made of eco-friendly materials and they always make sure to dispose of any waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

In conclusion, Hatashita International is a trusted and reliable supplier of tatami mats for major tournaments such as the Toronto PanAm Games and Canada Winter Games. Their commitment to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service, as well as their environmentally friendly practices, make them the go-to choice for any organization in need of tatami mats for their events.