Roll and Go Mats

Easily set up in just minutes the Fuji Roll and Go mats are faster and easier to set up than other home mat systems. Its unique hook and loop fastening system allow the two mats to easily join together creating your 10’x10’ training area.

These mats are portable and lightweight while being 1.5 inches thick and are thicker than most home mat systems.  They are excellent for Judo, Karate, MMA, BJJ or most any combat sport and their versatility allows them to be great for sparring while offering enough protection for falls and takedowns.

(2) 5’x10’x1.5” rolls – Smooth black finish

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Home Mat System

Train like a pro with this affordable home mat option from Hatashita! This 5’x10′ system is high quality and excellent for Judo, MMA, Karate, BJJ, or most any combat sport. It’s also ideal for a kids play area, stretching, fitness, yoga, and any other small area exercise routines.  The 100sq/ft is big enough for sparring, randori, or practicing your ground game.  Firm enough for sparring while offering enough impact protection for falls and takedowns. 

  • 5’x10′ or 10’x10′ rolls. 1.25” thick
  • Smooth black finish
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Rolls up for easy storage
  • Includes roll of mat tape 

FLEXI-Roll® Home Mat System

Practice at home or on-the-go with a lightweight, easy to handle FLEXI-Connect® mat. The Dollamur 12′ x 12′ x 2″ mat system has the same great performance, high-quality sports foam, and anti-microbial vinyl surface as their mats for competition.

FLEXI-Roll® mats are easy to use and store; the FLEXI-Connect® feature eliminates the need for tape! Just unroll anywhere and you have your own FLEXI-Connect® training area.

  • One person set-up
  • Mats always lie flat
  • Mat surface protected inside roll
  • Stays rolled up even without straps
  • Never fails (tears or cracks) at folds
  • Faster, easier setup than other home mat systems

One person can safely set up or break down a complete Dollamur FLEXI-Roll® system in minutes. No flipping required!

Custom sizes and colours available on request.

12′ x 12′ x 2″ Mat System Includes:

  • Two 6′ x 12′ x 2″ mats
  • FLEXI-Connect® feature fastens without tape! 


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